Have You Optimized Your Website for Mobile Yet?

In the past, people shopped for goods and services by visiting physical locations where they were sold. Today however, technology is allowing them to shop right from home. All they need to do is go on their mobile devices and find whatever it is they want to buy. If your website hasn’t yet been optimized for mobile you are missing out on plenty of leads. Websites render differently on computers than they render on mobile phones and tablets. If a user tries to bring up your website on their mobiles and it comes up looking funny they will move on to your competition.

In addition to that, Google is quite aware that most people are using their mobile phones to shop and to encourage businesses to optimize their websites for mobile they are now rewarding those that are with better ranking. If you have been doing a good job with SEO but are getting nowhere near the first page of search results it could be because you have optimized for mobile yet.

What this means is that it is time you talked to your web designer about optimizing your site for mobile. It doesn’t take a lot – most web designers are now able to do it. There is another advantage to this – it gives you an opportunity to do a complete audit of your website and make sure that everything is working as it should be. You get a chance to look at the layout, colors, fonts, content, backlinks and your overall SEO strategy.

Once you have your site optimized it is very important that you track activity so that you can know where you need to make changes. There are free tools such as Google Analytics that can help you do this. You want to compare how many people are accessing it through their phones and tablets versus those who are using their computers. You should also look at activity on different pages – how many visitors go to each page and how long do they stay? Which page are they buying from the most? If there are any pages that show little activity you need to go back and find out why. It could be that the content doesn’t make sense or there may be dead links.

Remember, optimizing your website for mobile is only the beginning. You need a concerted SEO effort if you want it to show up on the first page of search results. Do not underestimate the ability of an SEO professional – instead of doing it yourself you should get an expert so that you can get results much faster.